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Our work is meant to last all day and does not require touch-up, but you will need to touch-up your lipstick after you eat or kiss so we always recommend buying a lipgloss to have on hand. We have put together this custom kit for the bride or bridal party member who does not have time to go find a touch-up lipstick and who wants a little extra added security with a few extra items as well as the convenience of a travel size kit for the wedding day or honeymoon.


Pro tip: These make great bridesmaids gifts and are also a perfect addition to your carry on bag for the honeymoon! 


Kit includes: Travel size professional hairspray, Full size name brand lipgloss in your choice of color, purse mirror, bobby pins, and blotting tissues for humid weather and/or to control shine, breath mints to stay minty fresh, and travel size makeup remover wipes to take it all off at the end of the night.

Touch-up Beauty Travel Kit

Lipgloss Color